Topics of Interest

Main topics where personal contribution supports cutting edge research and enables theu underlying technology

Cognitive Robotics

Robots designed to be present in our lives need to share with humans cognitive models to promote reciprocal understanding

HRI - Human-Robot Interaction

On top of cognitive models, robots need to show human understandable behaviours and interpret human behaviours

Robot Audition

progressive improvement of the sensorimotor and computational capabilities of the robots based on principles and mechanisms in children`s cognitive development


progressive improvement of the social capabilities of the robots based on principles of human-human interaction

Products and Draft Patents


The invention is an new process to register the existinance of sound objects,localize them, prioritize them, and direct the behaviour of an agent (e.g. a robot) towards them.


The product endows intelligent system with one camera to infer the gaze direction by looking at the head orientation and the iris position.






Prof. Samia Nefti Meziani/Robotics and Automation, Salford University


Prof. Davide Brugali/ Robotics, Universita degli Studi di Bergamo


In the quest of enabling function robots in our lives, trustful Partners shared the road to impacting solutions.


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