Projects of Research

Projects supported by direct personal involvement at different levels

EU project Emorph

Event–Driven Morphological Computation for Embodied Systems

EU project Darwin

Dextrous Assembler Robot Working with Embodied Intelligence


Consequences of load on the postural and focal tasks


Rethinking Robotics for the Robot Companion of the future,

Start:March 1,2017 End:February 28,2020

Projects Proposals

Projects proposed as coordinator in the recent past

PARTNER - Proactive Assistive Robot for Therapeutic-sociality and NEurocognitive Rehabilitation

2014, H2020-PHC-19 RIA

PARTNERS - Personal proActive Robot for Therapeutic assistance

2015, H2020-ICT-24a Robotics RIA

AGEILE - AGEing with Interactive Living Environment

2017, H2020-SC1-PM-15 RIA

iPlant - Interactive Plant for Cognitive Accessibility

2017, H2020-ICT-23 RIA